Consulting & Advising

All prospective clients (restaurateurs) will have the opportunity to meet with a KATH advisor during a complimentary consultation. Such consultation will occur at a discrete location other than the restaurateurs restaurant. During the consultation, a KATH advisor will gather sufficient information to determine the scope of the work to be provided to the restaurateur. Getting to know the restaurateurs strengths, weaknesses, goals, concerns, management style, and opinion of her/his restaurant’s success is one of the main goals of the consultation. The other main goal is to present the restaurateur with KATH’s mission statement, business model, interactive tools, “undercover management” concept, and the various services that KATH offers. 


Outsourced CFO

KATH advisors work directly with the restaurants to improve finances, deficiencies, issues, and/or areas in need of improvement. This may occur during one-on-one meetings and/or meetings with a group of staff with same job title. 

Reputation & Social Marketing

KATH partners with various subcontractors with expertise in social media growth using current, state-of-the-art techniques and technology. Whether a restaurant has a social media presence or has not yet broken into the social media world, KATH’s social media package will ensure a restaurant gets the social media exposure to not only remain competitive with other restaurants but to stand out from them.

A KATH social media package includes, but is not limited to, improving google search listings, generating increased online traffic through multiple social media platforms such as Google, Yelp, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Startup Package

As much as we love to provide our expertise to established restaurateurs, we also have a passion for assisting restaurateurs during the start-up phase of opening a restaurant. Our start-up package comes fully-equipped with all the tools and resources that a novice restaurateur needs to open and run a successful restaurant.

Strategic Marketing

KATH offers a customized, cutting edge marketing strategy to restaurateurs that uses interactive tools and specialized marketing knowledge specific to the food and beverage industry. A KATH advisor works closely with a restaurateur to customize a marketing strategy that will accomplish specific marketing and branding goals that a restaurateur has or KATH creates. Such strategy may compliment a KATH social media package and/or accomplish one or more specific marketing goals agreed upon between a KATH advisor and a restaurateur. 

Restaurant Remodeling

KATH partners with highy-rated skilled trade contractors including general contractors, electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbers, landscapers, painters, carpenters, flooring specialists, interior designers, and architects. Paired with the KATH management team’s 25+ years in the restaurant industry, such partnerships allow KATH to provide restaurant remodeling services that result in modern, sleek, and energetic dining atmospheres that will contribute significantly to increased business and allow a restauratuer to stay ahead of the competition.